Doin’ It

(Read like Nicolas Cage in National Treasure)

I’m gonna hike the Appalachian trail (breathes through nose).

Why? Because I’ve spent my whole life pooping into porcelain vessels and I feel like, in these climatactically uncertain times, it’s good to give back to nature.

Butt seriously, my level of excitement cannot be expressed in mere words. Actually, scratch that. I’m sure there are words that communicate the quality of my enthusiasm, but I’m having a hard enough time remembering to exhale after I inhale let alone susessfully navigate the English language.

Now that I have informed the world of my plans, I need to actually go and plan this thing out a bit. I’ll be back, but right now I’m in the middle of finalizing my pack orientation (always amass the rest of your gear before you decide what it will be crammed into) and the decisions are literally killing me. I need to go lie down.



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